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Kubrick’s Hour : End of Year Round-Up 2020 with the team from SKAS

January 13, 2021


Episode 42 : Kubrick's Hour : End of Year Round-Up 2020 with the team from SKAS

2020. The year that took years, and took years off our lives; and with terrible sadness and personal grief not lost to those of us in Kubrick’s Universe, years away from far too many souls. 2020. That was the year that… sucked. Two-thousand and twenty. The year we… avoided contact. 

Your friends at our humble podcast have had difficulty keeping up with providing new episodes, but not because of a shortage of an amount of great interviews or content, but because of the very same things most of everyone listening has had to contend with — because unforeseen circumstances and survival itself got in the way. In fact, we’ve had some fascinating interviews and great conversations with Kubrick scholars, collaborators, and fans during 2020. We are hanging onto them, archiving them, and working on getting them out to you just as soon as we can.

In the past few years, the Kubrick’s Universe team has put out a “year in review” edition, cultivated by our research, before the holidays. This time around, we’re here to say “And now for something completely different”. 

If 2020 was many unprecedented things, it was also the year of remote video conferencing — the year of Zoom. Enter our intrepid Mark Lentz, media maestro and man of many kind deeds. Mark, along with two of the greatest and coolest Kubrick scholars, James Marinaccio and James Sherman, stepped up and orchestrated a very cool and brand new concept, “The Kubrick Hour” on Zoom, as a way to keep enthusiasts connected during the most difficult year any of us can remember. We present this unique concept and approach for us to our Year In Review episode this go-around. 

What you’re about to hear is the result of Mark and James’s efforts to orchestrate a virtual roundtable discussion of the year in Kubrick news, two thousand-twenty, with a moderated group of venerated enthusiasts. For this episode we were privileged to have discussion among John Harig, Mike MediaMan, Mark McKennon, Jorge Albararán Riquleme, Ian Roscow, Anne Strauss-Weider, Max Rendon, Maria, Jerry Furst, and our very own and very lovable producer, Stephen Rigg.

We hope you enjoy this new idea. We’re proud of it. Just remember, if you’re on a Zoom call with a Kubrick fan you’ve never met before and you feel put on the spot when they ask you what’s your favorite food then, simply reply “French fries and ketchup” and you’ll get along fine.

So it is with great pleasure that we present to you a round-table discussion from the 19th December 2020 with our wonderful Kubrickian friends.

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Hosted by Jason Furlong / Researched and written by Jason Furlong, James Marinaccio, Mark Lentz and Stephen Rigg  / Theme written and performed by Jason Furlong / Produced and edited by Stephen Rigg / Contributions by Mark Lentz & James Marinaccio