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Making Barry Lyndon with Gay Hamilton

September 30, 2020


Episode 41 : Making Barry Lyndon with Gay Hamilton

Hello there rubes, ruffians, and rapscallions, we’ve got another episode of Kubrick’s Universe for you, dedicated to an appreciation of Stanley’s hauntingly gorgeous oil painting of a film, Barry Lyndon. By which I mean we’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Nora Brady herself, the wonderful Scottish actress, Gay Hamilton. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Gay chat with us about how a young Scottish girl got the role through, in no small part, nailing a perfect Irish accent, meeting with Stanley Kubrick for the first time, then working with him on this seminal piece of art, as well as acting alongside Ryan O’Neal. 

You’ll also hear Gay regale us with stories of shooting the iconic dance scene with Leonard Rossiter, adapting to the fine art of acting in Oscar award-winning costume designer Milena Canonero’s dresses, and Gay’s love for the game of Frisbee. 

But you’ll also be delighted to hear Gay tell us about Stanley the practical joker, as well as reads from her own personal diary which she kept on set during the filming of Barry Lyndon, and ultimately, catching up with what it meant for her to be part of Kubrick’s legacy. 

So hang out with us for a bit as we leapfrog back through time from the present to the mid 1970s, to the 1700s… in Kubrick’s Universe. 

So it is with great pleasure that we present to you an interview from the 16th March 2020 with Gay Hamilton and Kubrick’s Universe host Mr. Jason Furlong.

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