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Mythbusting & Model Making with Mike Scott

August 20, 2020


Episode 40 : Mythbusting & Model Making with Mike Scott

Mike Scott is a model maker, science fiction nut and a self-confessed NERD.  He was a child during the Apollo Space Programme in the 60’s and at 6 years old was blown away when he saw 2OO1 A Space Odyssey in the cinema with his dad. After eventually working out what was real and what was just a movie he continued his obsession.

Starting off kit-bashing, which is basically creating his own models from parts of existing model kits…. And moving on to detailed model and costume replicas in the 70’s, from Kiss’s Gene Simmons to Darth Vader. Winning costume contests as a teenager and eventually meeting and working with effects legend Greg Nicotero who gave him a very special commission to make an exact replica of a Clavius Moon Base spacesuit from 2OO1 A Space Odyssey.

The suit has been displayed in exhibits around the world, including the annual science fiction convention Escape Velocity at the Museum of Science Fiction in 2018 on the 2001 50th anniversary. His replica spacesuit was featured at the Envisioning 2001: Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey exhibition in 2019 at MOMI in New York, to much acclaim.

Mike spends an incredible amount of time researching to make sure his work is as close to, if not better, than the originals, and now you will hear him talk about how he went about creating one of the most iconic costumes in movies.

He tells us about his appearance on Adam Savage’s MYTHBUSTERS, working with ILM, Dungeons & Dragons, meeting real life astronauts as well as make-believe ones.

So it is with great pleasure that I present to you an interview from the 16th February 2020 with Mike Scott and Kubrick’s Universe host Mr. Jason Furlong.

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